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Game Design

If you’re an avid gamer or love the idea of constructing a game from start to finish, then game designing may the creative niche for you.  One of the fastest growing career routes, the video game industry itself is a $7-billion-a-year business.

Game Designer Job Description

Game designers fall into a sub-category of game development. This can include the design of computer games, video games, mobile games, and more. This career outline can encompass the entire process of designing games including the storyline, design of gameplay, characters, as well as pre- and post-production duties. 

With complex games, such as MMORPS, game designer roles  are separate from the lead programmer. Within game companies, there is often a team of game designers who work in tandem and delegate the programming and graphic design elements of a game to separate teams. In these instances, there are usually a couple of principle designers and junior designers.  Sometimes, game designers are actually more responsible for the artistic design of the game, rather than the visualization of the game dynamics and the entire world embodied in the game. 

When a new project takes off, a game designer is tasked to write a short pitch of his or her objectives, the audience, platform, and dental hygienist job description, degree and training programs, salary any other specific details. Game designers meet with leads in other departments and establish the game’s development time, scope, and budget. There is often a prototyping stage involved before the actual design of the game gets the go-ahead.

Game Designer Training and Degree Programs

There are generally three ways to head on a game designing career path. The usual educational paths to entry are earning an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s of fine arts (MFA). Degrees are offered from community colleges, art colleges, and some universities, as well as a range of online degree programs. Depending on which program you attend, as well as what you choose your focus to be, the courseload my vary. Generally though, courses are offered in prototyping, graphic design, game art, character design, effects animation, and more. 

As they steer production of the game along, game designers are tasked with making decisions about missing elements. It’s their duty to figure out what unknowns there still are in the process and to make sure these unknowns are answered before the game goes into production. This can be a taxing and stressful process that calls for strong project management skills.

Game Designer Salary

According to Game Developer magazine, the average annual salary for game designers with more than six years of experience was approximately $65,000 in 2010. Those with more than six years of experience earned an average of $95,000. Keep in mind that your salary will fluctuate based on experience, location, and education level.