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Online Colleges in Mississippi

For an enticing getaway in the South or enjoyable student life, Mississippi offers a wealth of things to do. Renowned for its water activities and river way of life, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the scenery.

Other popular attractions include the Beauvoir House, Presidential Library, Confederate Museum, historic civil war cemetery, scheduled events, and botanical gardens. Civil war re-enactments are very popular throughout the state.

The Benefits of a College Degree in Mississippi

According to, the average starting salary for a new college graduate in Mississippi is $38,000. Keep in mind that salary can vary widely based on location, experience, and industry. Earning a college degree will greatly improve your chances of getting hired, especially during tough economic times.

Although the high costs of college may be daunting to many, the investment often pays off enormously. Candidates with both experience and education tend to nab that job more often than those with just experience to offer. These days, many people with only high school diplomas are getting pushed out of the job market. You can reinforce your chances of finding a decent paying job for life with a college degree.