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Online Colleges in Utah

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Utah is an ideal place for college life. Home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, including the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park, Utah has a a varied landscape of buttes, mountains, and red hills.

Most of Utah, in fact, lies on a plateau that is higher than 4,000 feet above sea level. Apart from the natural scenery, you’ll find a wealth of museums, monuments, and relics of the Old West.

The Benefits of a College Degree in Utah

According to, the average starting salary for a recent college graduate in Utah is $42,000. Keep in mind that salaries will vary greatly based on company, location, and industry. The highest paid industries for new college grads, according to, include Information Technology (IT), Finance, and Human Resources. There’s no doubt that earning a college degree will greatly improve your chances of being hired, especially during tough economic times.

Although the high costs of college may be daunting to many, the investment often pays off enormously. Candidates with both experience and education tend to nab that job more often than those with just experience to offer. Those holding high school diplomas tend to get discounted in the job market these days, so making the investment in college is well worth it in the long run.